Tiki glasses are sculptural ceramic drink wares which are used in bars and use to serve drinks by bartenders and home enthusiasts. Tiki glasses are representative of the tiki culture. The colourful, quintessential tiki glasses are handmade with exquisite delicacy. The elegance of Tiki mugs deserved all the hype it was advertised. It got much attention, and all those customers bought these ceramic mugs instead of wood/bone glasses.

Try Fruity Cocktails in Tiki Ceramic Glasses

The idea of tiki glasses to serve fruity cocktails and drunks is Caribbean and Polynesian. Rum-based cocktails are presented in tiki glasses and have various artistic designs. These are ceramic mugs with patterns such as mermaid, coconut, skull, etc.

Tiki Glasses And Wide Range of Designs

Tiki glasses are available in a wide range of designs and sculptures. With an artistic touch from the middle age, these glasses allow the pool party, barbeque, or even ceremonies to have an ancient touch. Crystal Tiki glasses, along with ceramic and plastic, are also available. Tiki glasses can also be customised for an exclusive and unique designs.

Tiki Glasses Are Used For

Ceramic Tiki mugs are nice and presentable glasses to present Pina Coladas and Mai Tai. Do you know what’s perfect? Quality coming with a wide range of options. A wide variety of Tiki mugs sculptural designs are used to serve drinks at the bar as well as beach parties. The versatile aesthetic side of Tiki glasses allows them to be used several times. Tiki-themed parties also use unique Tiki ceramic mugs of amazing sculptural art.

Tiki Glasses in Bars

The term Tiki originated from Māori mythology. Polynesian people of New Zealand are known as ‚Māori.‘ The first man, according to Māori, was ‚Tiki‘ created by Gods. Since then, carving images in trees got initiated and resulted in the production of Tiki ceramic mugs. Themed restaurants embraced the trend, and within a short time, it was adopted broadly.

Bartenders over the decades have shown mesmerizing creativity in Tiki culture. The Tiki glasses were muted for a while, but as soon as the creative side of bartenders awoke, it was back with quality ingredients, exciting new flavours, and an aesthetic presentation.

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