Wine quality

Wine quality matters

It’s always a wine with proper aging that gives a complex, robust, and bold taste and texture, developing its personality and characteristic taste with proper aroma and quality so great. The flavors are granted to wines through aging and proper storing, preserving the quality with paired levels of sweetness and crispiness.

It’s aging with proper storing, giving unique flavors ranging from dry to sweet. The factors mentioned below will likely tell you how to preserve wines and not allow them to spoil prematurely rather aging. Prolong your wine’s life with storage strategies and render your wine a juice scent with subtle notes of tropical berries and refreshing flavors!

Factors For Wine Preservation

1. Temperature

A lot of fluctuations in temperature damages the quality, essence, and taste of wines. It is necessary to keep the temperature around 14°C. With every fluctuation in temperature, the air will get inside the bottle ruining the taste and essence of your wine with its poor maintenance. To keep the quality and uniqueness of wine intact, go for a temperature that doesn’t fluctuate more often. This will give your wine-tasting abilities a smooth and fruity personality.

2. Humidity

The humidity also has a significant effect on the storage of wine. The wine with better quality lies between the humidity of 60-70%. This ideal humid condition keeps your red/white/rosé wine having a proper blend of flavors with no air cracking in through the cork that is dried due to low humid conditions. High humidity that is above 70% will cause bad results to your preserved wine disrupting its aging and storage.

3. Surrounding Area

Since it’s explained above how temperature and humidity affect the wine in the bottle, ensure no harmful/bad odor substances are present across the surrounding area where the wine bottles are placed. Along with the air, these bad odors will get inside your wines if staying for a longer period and create a bold statement with their odor ruining the fruits, tropical, and sweet essence with its strong odor.

4. Inclined Storage

Wines are supposed to be placed at an angle of 45°, making it possible for the cork to remain in touch with the wine and allow it not to dry. The dried cork is what disrupts the preserved wine risking its taste, essence, and texture. Ensure the constant contact of the wine with its cork by storing it at a horizontal angle of 45° or somewhere in between.

5. Light

A well-lit room or a room with sunlight allows your wines not to be preserved and age holding a great personality with a characteristic taste. Usually, wines with aging features come in green or brown bottles. The darkness is loved by such wines. Choosing a dark basement with no temperature fluctuations and smells will preserve your wines and render them unique, quality, and vibrant flavors with proper sweet essence!

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