Culinary art is about creating an experience for the taste buds, and alcohol plays a role. After all, you enjoy a nice glass of wine with your dinner. How about some wine for your dinner? Well, chefs are here for the very job. They make wine pairings and craft cocktails to make your dining experience unforgettable, and it is almost an art. Therefore, culinary arts extend far beyond by just providing a drink alongside a meal. As chefs and bartenders collaborate for unique flavors to enhance the dining experience.

In fine dining, alcohol is used as a flavor enhancer as it increases the subtle nuances of a dish by adding depth to its flavors. Most commonly, alcohol is also used as a cooking ingredient, as chefs mix it up in sauces, marinades, and other preparations to infuse their dishes. The use of liquor in cooking can also impart a smoky or caramelized flavor to meats and vegetables that are difficult to achieve with other cooking techniques.

How alcohol is used in dishes

Wine is used in many ways to make the dining experience unique in dishes. Sometimes during cooking, the meat is seared at the bottom of the frying pan, and the chef uses wine to create a sauce that gives flavor to the meat or vegetables.

Chefs also use liquor in a marinade to infuse the meat with flavors. For example, don’t be surprised when your chef tells you he used rum in the marinade for grilled steak. Moreover, liquor is also used in sauces to enhance the flavor of other ingredients. Liquor is also used in making stocks for soups and stews. For example, red wine is used in beef stock, while white wine is used in chicken stock.

Should you add liquor to dishes at home?

It’s a simple question, but there’s a twisting answer. As per an expert chef, 90% of the alcohol burns off when it’s thrown in a frying pan. So, if you try to use liquor at home, it could be a different experience. Any form of liquor burns off quickly. So if you want to try adding liquor at home, you can use it on low heat, temporarily remove the frying pan from the burner, add alcohol, and put it back on the stove.

Should you use liquor for dishes?

It all depends on your personal preferences. Whether you like beer, any form of wine, or liquor, you can in cooking as a flavor enhancer. For example, it can be used to tenderize the meat in marinades or enhance the flavor of sauces.


Alcohol is an integral part of the culinary arts, and its use in cooking gives dishes new tastes. As the use of alcohol in dishes adds uniqueness and complexity to the flavors. Chefs use it in various ways to enhance the taste of meats, vegetables, and sauces. While the decision to use alcohol in cooking is ultimately up to your preference.

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