There’s a difference in how everything tastes when we try it at home, and when we eat outside. Cocktails are also the same. The cocktail you love at your favorite bar may not taste the same at home. After all, the bartender didn’t refuse to share the cocktail recipe. He knew that you wouldn’t be able to craft a perfect cocktail. But here, we got some tips so you can try your best cocktail recipes at home.

Perfect ice

Ice is a must in the cocktail, so home fridge ice cubes should give you an edge. You should use ice cubes that measure at least 1 inch per side. The square-shaped ice that comes out of ice machines is preferable. Also, you don’t need a few ice cubes, so ensure you have enough quantity. Ice cubes maximize the surface area’s volume, making the drink chilly.

Chill your glassware

Imagine making the perfect cocktail and getting quality ice, then pour the cocktail into a glass sitting over the oven. Cocktails are best when ice cold, so it’s better that your glassware is also ice cold. You can put a cocktail glass in the freezer when making a drink. Take out the cocktail glass only when the cocktail is ready.

Use ingredients accurately

Vermouth and aromatized wines are refrigerated to prevent them from oxidizing, especially after opening them. If you have an old vermouth bottle, we recommend not using it, and buying a fresh one. It may seem like spending money, but it will be one of your best cocktails at home.

Juice and zest to order

Don’t squeeze the lemon juice, and limes at once. It may seem like you are saving time, but lemons and limes react with oxygen quickly. Instead, if you have a citrus juicer, you can use that to make juice. Cut and juice your fruit as you go to get the freshest flavors into your cocktail.

Measure appropriately

Some believe that bars use jiggers to reduce waste, a great benefit. But the real reason the cocktail bar uses jiggers is to measure the cocktail cup accurately. They want to assure you that you get the same cocktail every time you order. So, you too can buy a jigger to try the best cocktail recipe. If you measure the ingredients precisely and apply the proper method, you’ll enjoy your cocktail as much at home as at the bar.


Making cocktails at home is a challenge but then fun also. The taste of a cocktail could be different from what you experience at a bar or restaurant. However, you can create enjoyable cocktails by following simple tips, such as using perfect ice, chilling glassware, using fresh ingredients, measuring accurately, and storing vermouth and aromatized wines properly.

It may take some practice and experimentation, but you can perfect your cocktail-making skills and impress your guests with a little effort. So, grab your shaker and jigger, and let’s make some delicious cocktails at home!

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