penfolds is a finest wine brand.

Penfolds wine collection – Australia’s bold, full-of-personality wine with bold and fruity flavours extracted from a variety of sparkling grapes. The superstar winemakers of Australia „Penfolds“ produces high-quality wines with aroma, style, and quality that sticks to the family of fine wines with a secret recipe. Looking for tasteful wines spicing your tongue with a tinge of fermented riesling? Give a shot at the top 5 Penfolds wines and see how they age finely and get better and better! 

The top-tier Penfolds Grange wine is a collectable that is highly desired all over the world and has a classic variety of superb wines. These wines are as follows:

Penfolds Bin 407

Penfolds Bin 407 is a stylish wine that exudes charm and character in a medium-sized bottle. With a taste of ripe fruit and multi-fruit character in its sip. Your taste buds as a drinker will experience black cherries dancing in a tango cola. Yes, the amazing packaging and drinking experience of Penfolds Grange’s extraordinary range provides Alc/Vol: 14.5%, PH: 3.6, Acidity: 6.5g/L is the beat for drinkers. This wine keeps you coming back for more with its pistachio, and nutty essence mixed with a luxurious texture giving this wine a royal taste.

Penfolds Henri Shiraz 2019

Penfold Shiraz isn’t just a wine relying on oak. It’s the James Bond of Cabernet Sauvignons. The graphite core, creamy Mexican sauce warmth, and flavours like venison loin and braised hare grant Penfolds shiraz the smoothness and Suaveness bursting on taste buds, the texture of personality and charm with Alc/Vol: 14.5%, PH: 3.62, Acidity: 6.6g/L. This wine with Cocoa tannins fines with age and is known for its restrained elegance for many many years!

Penfolds Bin 707 Cabernet Sauvignon

A single sip of Bin 707 wine would unfold the treasure of flavours with layers and layers of deliciousness. The perfection granted to this wine with ageing is what leaves an aroma of blackcurrant, cassis, and mulberry on your tongue. The juiciest mulberries, the richest blackcurrants, and the most decadent figs blend on your tongue. All of this leaves a royal taste with layers of oak. Sip it now or save it for the occasions coming up, this wine will only get better and better!

Penfolds Bin 28

This wine is a must-try with Shiraz grapes from Barossa Valley. With Alc/Vol: 14.5%, PH: 3.69, Acidity: 6.4g/L of Shiraz grapes is blended with many flavours. You will enjoy mocha, chocolate, and espresso flavours. This wine has black jellybeans, liquorice, chocolate truffles, and even a hint of rum and raisin all in a mix!

Penfolds Bin 389

This wine is named „Baby Grange“ for its merge with the elderly wines entwining in the symphony of flavours that if devil tastes, would repent. The 51% robustness of Cabernet and 49% richness of Shiraz when combined gives a waltz to your taste buds. With these two, the oak barrels turn each sip into a fairy tale. The Alc/Vol: 14.5%, PH: 3.6, Acidity: 6.5g/L teams up with the dynamic duo of Shiraz and Cabernet creating symphonies of taste with flavour exploding in your mouth!


Penfolds wine collection offers a diverse and exceptional range of bold and fruity wines that exude charm, character, and style. Led by Australia’s superstar winemakers, these high-quality wines with their secret recipe captivate the taste buds with flavours that age finely, improving over time. From the sought-after Penfolds Grange to the delightful Penfolds Bin 389, each wine showcases richness and elegance. All of it makes these Australian wines a must-try for wine enthusiasts worldwide.

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