Enjoy the spicy tuna salad.

So you want to try homemade spicy tuna salad to tantalise your taste buds? Well, you are not alone in desiring, and we will share a spicy tuna salad recipe with a balanced zing of spices with the satisfying jalapeño, cayenne and spicy pickle juice tuna. Delve into the journey of exploring the ingredients, techniques, and secrets behind crafting a delicious tuna, a perfect stuffing for your spicy tuna salad sandwiches in summer/spring in the comfort of your kitchen.

Spicy Tuna Salad Ingredients

The following items are necessities for a well-balanced and flavorful spicy tuna salad, and they should be kept on hand in your kitchen at all times.

Canned Tuna and Mayo

The main ingredient, the soul of this Japanese spicy tuna salad is tuna. Get not one, two but 5 oz cans of good-quality albacore tuna. Mayonnaise is what binds your salad with sweet and sour essence. This blend of mayo will give tons of flavours. If you’re on a diet, you can use reduced-fat mayo as well as plain yoghurt if mayo isn’t there. Below with seasoning and other ingredients, your tuna salad without mayo still won’t lose the essence of taste. There is also a choice of spicy tuna salad no mayo if you don’t like adding mayo.

Sweet & Spicy Pickles or Jalapeño

The sweet and spicy pickles will leave a bunch of tantalising tastes in your buds. The perfect seasoning with garlic, dried onions, salt and pepper for a flavoured crunch is required. An intensely flavoured jalapeño with discarded white cloak and seeds is a must. You can also use green bell pepper if you want a mild taste salad. Cilantro is necessary to blend all the flavours, if you don’t have cilantro, use parsley instead.

How To Make Spicy Tuna Salad?

Chop the jalapeño and cilantro, once chopped, add all the ingredients in a medium-sized bowl and now pour mayonnaise or yoghurt. Homogenise the mixture, and mix it well. You can add mayonnaise according to your preference. The more the mayo, the more will be the fluidity. Now sprinkle the extra chopped cilantro or parsley with pepper. Enjoy this spicy tuna salad Japanese on your toast or in macaroni now.

Want your tuna salad to be creamy enough?

Use mayonnaise, this will blend all the ingredients. You can use it on your toasts, sandwiches, as well as in portions of macaroni now. There is also a choice to use jalapeño for an intense, tantalising, and spicy essence. You can also use hot sauce, black pepper or even all 3.

For freshness, use more cilantro, parsley or squeeze lime juice according to your taste buds. That’s what makes spicy tuna salad Japanese your go-to-salad with perfect taste and seasoning. You can simply gather the ingredients, mix them all, adjust mildness or spice and enjoy your salad with anything you want.

What Spices Are Good With Spicy Tuna Salad?

The tip is not to use too much salt. Because the spicy tuna salad recipe is a bit salty with all those ingredients and mayo. So go for ground cumins, play around with garlic, slight chilli powder, onion powder, or pickle relish. This will give a depth of flavours to your best spicy tuna salad recipe.

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